What’s Behind That Doggy Lick?


We’ve all seen them do it—dogs licking themselves. It can be an amusing sight, particularly when they find that sweet spot on their hindquarters. But why do dogs lick themselves in the first place? Let’s take a look at the various reasons behind this behavior.

Dogs Lick to Clean Themselves

One of the most obvious functions of a dog licking itself is for grooming purposes. Dogs have evolved to use their tongues to groom like cats do with their paws, so licking helps them keep clean by removing dirt, debris, sweat, and other substances that could irritate their skin or coat. Plus, if you think about it, licking is much more convenient than having to take regular baths! Additionally, saliva contains enzymes that help break down oils in fur when a dog is licking itself.

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Dogs Lick for Comfort

When dogs are feeling anxious or stressed out they may lick as a way of self-soothing. It can be similar to how humans might fidget with objects or bite their nails when they’re feeling nervous or overwhelmed. In addition, puppies will often lick their mothers before nursing as part of the bonding process—and later on in life they may continue this behavior as a way of showing affection towards their human family members. To make sure your pup isn’t licking too much because they feel anxious though, it’s important to watch for signs that something else might be going on. Has there been any change to their daily routine? Any new pets in the house? Licking is normally harmless, but you don’t want the dreaded hotspot.

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Dogs Lick for Taste

Dogs have taste buds too—just not as many as we humans do! They may also lick something because it smells interesting; especially if there is food involved! If a dog finds something tasty (or even just interesting) on the ground, he might decide to give himself a quick sample by giving it a good lick first! This type of licking is usually harmless but keep an eye out for any potential hazards such as broken glass or sharp objects that could pose harm if ingested. This explains why owners often find their furry friends licking the carpet for seemingly no reason. Better safe than sorry!

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As you can see, there are numerous reasons why your pup might start giving themselves some love in the form of licks now and then. The next time you catch your furry friend cleaning up after himself with his tongue, remember—it’s all part of being a dog! As long as they’re not excessively licking themselves due to underlying anxiety issues, there’s no need to stop them from enjoying this natural behavior. After all—who doesn’t love a good self-grooming session now and then?

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