What is the lost & found registry?

It’s our complete list of all lost and found pets and strays who have been registered with Find a Paw. You can search pets by name, location, and lost/found status here.

What is your privacy policy?

View our Privacy Policy here. The short version is this: To protect your privacy, we only ask for the information we really need to get you reunited with your baby — just the pet’s details and your contact information.


How do I report a pet I lost?

Report your pet by completing the form here. Make sure you choose the ‘lost’ status, then add your email and the location your pet was last seen. On the next page, add a clear photo and additional details so your community can be on the lookout.

How do I report a pet or stray animal I found?

You can register a found or stray animal by following the same process as above — just check the ‘found’ option instead. If the pet doesn’t have a collar with his or her name on it, you can put “Unknown” for the pet name.

Will the ‘last seen’ address be public?

Yes, the address you input will be shared to the lost & found pets Facebook page for your area and will also be included with the pet’s information in our lost & found registry. If you’re concerned about privacy, list a more general area (such as cross streets) instead of an exact address.

What information is included on the lost pet flyer?

The lost pet flyer includes the pet’s name, photo, address where they were last seen or found, date they were lost or found, and any additional details provided.

What can I do with the lost pet flyer?

Whatever you want! We recommend sharing it on social media. Find the post we created for you and share that post with your friends and any other local pages you’d like.

Where can I find my lost pet flyer?

Go to the My Pets section in your Find a Paw account. Click on View Dashboard and then Print Flyer.

Where can I view the Facebook page my flyer was posted to?

Go to the My Pets section in your Find a Paw account and click on View Post on Facebook. Make sure you comment on the post so you are notified of any comments from your community.

How can I edit my pet’s description and other information?

Go to the My Pets section in your Find a Paw account. Click on View Dashboard and then Edit Details. If for any reason you’d like to remove your pet’s information from our Facebook page, just contact us.

What do I do after my pet has been found?

After you and your pet are reunited (or if the pet you found has been reunited with his or her owner), please let us know! Just click the Report Found button in your Find a Paw account. Your Facebook post will be updated with the good news automatically.


Why should I upgrade my alert?

When you register a lost or found pet with Find a Paw, we generate a free lost pet flyer and post the pet’s information to the Facebook page for your area. The people who like or follow that page can view and share your pet’s information — which is super valuable! — but limited to that community. When you upgrade an alert, we boost that post and run an advertisement to Facebook users in the area where the pet was lost so that hundreds and thousands of people who might not necessarily follow our page can see your pet’s photo. Basically, we utilize Facebook’s super powerful advertising platform to reach neighbors who otherwise wouldn’t be aware your pet went missing.

What upgrade options are available?

We offer three plans which start at $34.99. You can choose to reach 1,000-5,000+ people in your local area. You can view a breakdown of each of the packages in your Find a Paw account. Just click “My Pets", then “Begin Facebook Ad Campaign".

How do I upgrade?

Make sure you’re signed in to your Find a Paw account. Click on “My Pets", then “Begin Facebook Ad Campaign" to activate the package you’d like.


What is Priority Pet?

Priority Pet is an optional add-on available on the checkout page. Adding this option will feature your pet at the top of your local lost & found Facebook page for 7 days to increase visibility.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards and PayPal.


How can I get in touch with you?

Send us an email at help@findapaw.com and we’ll get right back to you!